The Workplace Today: Showing Interest and Appreciation20210308233842

The Workplace Today: Showing Interest and Appreciation

If you want to learn something, teach it.Most companies have their Employee Resource Groups plan their heritage and history month activities to teach others.-Black Employee Groups plan Black History Month-AAPIA Employee Groups plan Asian History Month-Hispanic and Latinx Employee Groups plan Hispanic Heritage MonthOn the surface, that makes sense. Those of us in these groups […]...
Employee Engagement with John Gates20201020015001

Employee Engagement with John Gates

John Gates, Partner at Avion Consulting, talks about employee engagement in this Civil(ish) podcast by host Johnny Byrd....
Avion’s ReNew Leadership Playbook20200505083017

Avion’s ReNew Leadership Playbook

This is a unique time in our history. We have never before experienced a crisis that has had this sort of impact on us, both professionally and personally. Additionally, in the relatively short period of time we have been impacted by COVID-19, much about our workplace has and will continue to change. We will not […]...
Leading Through Crisis Using The Five Coaching Conversations20200413213515

Leading Through Crisis Using The Five Coaching Conversations

Coaching is always an important leadership skillset, but it’s especially critical in the midst of a crisis like the one we are all experiencing right now due to coronavirus. As we reflect on what’s going on in the world right now, it’s safe to say that leaders and teams alike have never been through anything […]...
Define and Reach Your Goals20200204175928

Define and Reach Your Goals

What are some ways to better define and then reach your goals in 2020? In this article, Morgan Massie, consultant at Avion Consulting, speaks to the importance of defining your “Central Issue” when targeting personal development goals to make the most impact in your leadership this year. Read the full article here:
On Creating Positive Change20200131175820

On Creating Positive Change

In the recently published article, 10 Ways Leaders Can Create Change This Year, Morgan Massie, Consultant at Avion Consulting, encourages us to reflect on the lessons we learned through the challenges we experienced in the past year and apply that insight to strengthen our personal resilience in the new year. Read the full article […]...
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