Contact Forms – does it matter where it’s located on your website?

June 2, 2017
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June 2, 2017 odezadmin

It’s obvious you but great care in determining where content goes on your website. It’s important to list the pages in an order that makes sense to the visitor, and it’s strategic to place opt-in forms next to relevant content. But did you ever consider the contact form? Do you even have a contact form on your website? Well it’s a good idea to have a form for conversion rates. This tells you how many people are looking at your site and interacting with you.


Contact forms might seem unnecessary if you simply list your contact information on a page (phone, email, address, fax….does fax still exist?).  However, most visitors prefer the contact form method because it’s quick and easy, they don’t have to open their email program or write a letter and drop in the mailbox (who does that?). So it’s a great idea to have a contact form on your website.


The next step is to decide where to put the contact form. It seems obvious to add it to the “contact” page because we’ve been trained as web surfers to go there first when we need to contact the website owner. Some businesses build it right on the home page, at the bottom, which is also helpful. Take a look at American Express, they have added a helpful contact form at the very end of the page as a feature box.


There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to the placement of the contact form on your website. If a visitor needs to connect with you they will take a moment to find the form and fill it out, unlike special products or services that the visitor might not know about. So keep it on the contact page or about page and it’s sure to be found.