You never need backup until ….you need it

December 17, 2017
Posted in Wordpress
December 17, 2017 odezadmin

That’s right, you never consider backing up your website until you’ve experienced a loss of a file, post, web page, or worst case…and entire website! Luckily we are able to learn from our mistakes. All websites, no matter how secure they are built, should use a backup method. Backup means a process that automatically copies the website files and stores them in a different location. There are lots of options out there, hosting companies will charge a monthly fee for such a service or you can find a free plugin to do the same thing. At ODEZ we use a plugin called UpdraftPlus and we agree with their tagline, “The World’s Most Trusted WordPress Backup Plugin“. This plugin is very easy to use, there’s lots of documentation on how to set it up and it offers many different locations to store files (Dropbox, Google Drive, FTP, just to name a few).  They offer a free version as well as a premium. The free version is the perfect way to get started and see the benefits of having a backup of your website scheduled daily, weekly, monthly…just so you can sleep better knowing your site files are safe.